A Historic Moment for the Staff at ESHC against COVID-19

December 28, 2020

Meet Jayme Beaten.


Registered Practical Nurse, Two South, our ICU at ESHC.
She’s been a member of our team for almost 7 years. Since 2013.


Jayme has been on 2 south ICU/Telemetry for the last two years, previously working the medical-surgical floor for the years prior to that.


COVID, like for all of our staff has been a challenge, but as Jayme tells our Communications and Public Relations department, it’s really about the people who give the care at ESHC that make a difference.
“COVID has been challenging in more than one way however the people that I have the pleasure to work with make the world's difference.”


A week ago Monday the first shipment of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine arrived in the region, vaccinating just under 2,000 people.


Jayme is one of our many frontline staff working through the Pandemic with patients from across Windsor Essex. She’s also the first. The first at Erie Shores HealthCare to get the COVID-19 Vaccine.


Jayme received a call from Windsor Regional Hospital after volunteering to sign up to be vaccinated a few days before Christmas. “I just figured that if it would make a difference in the community I would sign up and take the lead.”


She drove to the vaccination clinic in Windsor after receiving the call, and Jayme tells ESHC Communications, she could not believe it was happening. “Slightly nerve-wracking at first just because it is the fear of the unknown! But moving forward I am very happy I was able to have this experience.”


After getting vaccinated, she came back to ESHC to provide care and was met with cheers and applause from the staff – many of who have signed on to be on standby for the vaccination.


Smiling from ear to ear, Jayme is proud to do her part, for her team, her patients, and our communities. And a 1st for ESHC. Our 1st staff who was vaccinated for COVID-19’


“It is a crazy feeling and has not really sunk in yet. “


Thank you, Jayme.