Emergency Department Program

To reach the Emergency Department, call 519-326-2373, the voice-activated system and say: "Emergency Department."

What we Do

Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC) Emergency Department (ED) is part of a regional network in Windsor Essex County. The Emergency Program provides a range of services to meet the unscheduled and emergency health care needs of all ages in the South Essex communities.

The ESHC ED provides emergency care for patients who are seriously ill or injured or who are suffering from a life-threatening condition and who are unable to wait to be seen by their family physician. People with troublesome chest pains, signs of a stroke or severe breathing difficulties should call 911 for immediate care.

At ESHC ED, we see approximately 600 patients per week with various illnesses, injuries and complaints.

Transfer of Care

It is also important to know that patients who suffer from psychiatric illnesses, those with broken bones in their upper legs (femur) or upper arms (humerus), broken pelvis or hip, those who have suffered major injuries (trauma), and patients with head injuries are sent directly to Windsor for care via ambulance.


Emergency Department Team at ESHC

Our emergency department is staffed 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, with an arrangement of physicians, nurse practitioners and nursing staff. This group of health care professionals is specially trained in the delivery of emergency room care. The ED has a doctor on site 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. In addition, the ED is staffed by nurse practitioners (NPs). These nurses run a “fast track clinic” that sees patients who would normally be seen in a doctor’s office. The NP hours are 10 am-10 pm.


What can you expect when you come to the Emergency Department?

When you arrive in the emergency department, you will be welcomed by a triage nurse. The triage process uses Ontario-wide guidelines to decide how quickly you need treatment. These guidelines are based on a history of your illness and a short physical assessment.

Due to the unpredictable needs of our patients, we cannot give you an accurate predicted time for when you will be seen. This is because the ED does not work on a first-come, first-serve basis: patients who are sicker are seen first. This is why you will sometimes see someone come in after you and go into the ED before.


What to Bring

  • Valid Ontario Health Card
  • List of medication you are taking at home as well as a list of your allergies
  • Please leave valuables at home

While you Wait

  • If your condition changes and you begin to feel worse, tell the triage nurse at once.
  • Do not leave the department without telling the triage nurse. It is important that your illness or condition be assessed before you leave.
  • Do not eat or drink anything until you ask the triage nurse. Some tests cannot be done if you have eaten.
  • Have only one friend or family member wait with you.
  • Since it may take some time for you to be treated, you are advised not to bring small children.


If you are driving to the Emergency Department, there is a small short-term parking lot across from the Emergency Department Entrance. There is a $5.00 fee to exit the lot – credit and debit are accepted. No cash.

Patient Values and your Emergency Department Wait


There is expectation patients and staff will treat each person with respect in their communication and interactions. We will respect your personal beliefs and values and do what we can to support you while you are with us.


We are committed to being sensitive to your emotional and physical needs. We will listen and communicate in order to keep you informed during your stay. We will treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

If you have a problem or are dissatisfied with how we provide service:

  • Tell the staff you are dealing with at the time it happens
  • Ask for the manager on call if you don’t get results
  • Contact our Patient Experience Specialist at (519) 326-2373, Ext. 4118 or via email to PatientExperience@eshc.org.

Quality and Safety

Our staff’s knowledge is up to date. ED standards of care are followed by all who work in our ED.

Making your wait in Emergency Department less stressful


Triage Process will provide information on the following:

  • How you have been triaged and an estimate about how long you can expect to wait
  • Who to report a change in condition to
  • Where to sit if you need to be observed
  • How to get food, drink etc should you require it as you wait
  • Wait time updates will be provided on a regular basis
  • To have a family member or friend come in to support you as you wait if you choose to


Waiting for a Physician in ED you can expect

  • An assessment by an NP or an RN
  • Kept updated about your plan of care and timelines
  • To be told how to get help if needed
  • To have a person stay with you of your own choice should you choose to do so
  • To have us contact the person above if necessary
  • That we will preserve your privacy as much as possible as you wait
  • To be asked if you need anything (food, drink, warm blankets) and have it provided
  • To see a clock in the room
  • The nurse to ask about your comfort level and address pain issues as you wait
  • The nurse to address temperature concerns - it can be chilly in ED – we keep a supply of warm blankets


For Your Information

  • Narcotics - ER physicians cannot provide prescription narcotic refills
  • When you don’t have a doctor you can be expected to be given the information you need on how to get one by the registration clerk
  • When you don’t have OHIP you are responsible for the cost of the ED visit and any lab tests or x-rays or medication