Intensive Care Unit

ICU Team

The Critical Care Program at Erie Shores Healthcare provides detailed observation and care to patients who either have, or are at high risk of developing a life-threatening disease or injury in our level 2 Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  As part of an interdisciplinary team our Level 2 ICU safely supports single failed organ systems, short-term non-invasive ventilation or post-operative care.

Need to Know:

Any friends and family can visit the patients, unless the patient or family has asked for restrictions. We do ask that you keep bedside visitors to 2 at a time.  The waiting room is located on the South wing of the 2nd floor.

Families are encouraged to go home and rest, but the healthcare team also understands the need to remain close to your loved one. If you decide to stay the night, talk to your loved one’s night nurse.

After the ICU:

The transfer out of the ICU to a medical-surgical ward will occur once your loved one no longer needs ICU care and observation.