Surgical Site Infection Rates

A surgical safety checklist is a patient safety communication tool used by our team of operating room professionals (nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and others) to discuss important details about each surgical case.

In many ways, the surgical checklist is similar to an airline pilot's checklist used just before take-off. It is a final check prior to surgery used to make sure everyone knows the important medical information they need to know about the patient, all equipment is available and in working order, and everyone is ready to proceed.


Surgical Safety (Quarterly)

Indicator Fiscal Year 2022/23 - Q1
Surgical Safety Checklist Compliance  100%

Compliance is calculated by the number of times all three phases of the surgical safety checklist were completed, as a percentage of the total number of surgeries performed. The phases include before you are put to sleep, just before the incision and before you leave the operating room.

The surgical safety checklist is considered "performed" when the surgical team members have implemented and/or addressed all of the necessary tasks and items in each of the three phases.