COVID-19 Assessment Center

Last Updated: December 2, 2021

Erie Shores HealthCare COVID-19 ASSESSMENT CENTRE (SINCE MARCH 16, 2020) 

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Erie Shores HealthCare IN-PATIENT COVID-19 CASES 

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For the total number of Erie Shores HealthCare residents/patients testing positive for COVID-19 (which includes hospital patients testing positive for COVID-19), go to Windsor Essex Public Health Information.


 COVID-19 Testing and Information

  • To book an appointment online, CLICK HERE.
  • You can also book an appointment by calling 519-326-2373 extension 4263 (have your health card ready). Appointments are made by availability.
  • The COVID Assessment Centre is NOT permitted to perform tests on individuals requesting a test for travel purposes. The only exception to this rule is for temporary foreign workers (TFWs).

Additional Testing Locations:

  • COVID-19 testing is available at pharmacy locations for COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic individuals that meet the criteria established by the province. LEARN MORE

Before You Book:

  • First, determine if you require a COVID-19 test by completing a self-assessment.
  • Do not seek testing at multiple COVID-19 assessment centres, as this will result in delayed access and delayed test results for all. If you have already booked an appointment at an assessment centre and can no longer make it, please cancel and rebook your time so others who need a test can be seen. This is important to ensure those in need can receive timely access to testing and timely access to test results.
  • You will need an appointment to get a test at all assessment centres. Before booking your appointment with us, please review the eligibility information below.

Who should be tested at a COVID-19 assessment centre?

Based on the Ontario Government’s current COVID-19 testing guidelines, we are assessing individuals for COVID-19 testing based on the following:
  • Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19*
  • Direct contacts of confirmed COVID- 19 cases** identified as:
  • A household contact (note this does not include contacts of contacts such as a friend of someone in your household)
  • Directed or recommended by public health via contact tracing or outbreak investigation
  • Notified via the COVID Alert app

The following groups are eligible for testing at assessment centres regardless of the presence of symptoms:

  • Workers in long-term care homes every two weeks. In an outbreak setting, workers in long-term care homes should not be tested more frequently than every two weeks unless directed by public health.
  • Essential caregivers visiting a long-term care home
  • Residents or workers in homeless shelters or other congregate settings. A list of congregate settings is outlined in guidance from the Ministry of Health.
  • Pre-operative patients before receiving general anesthesia and cancer patients receiving therapy as outlined in guidance from the Ministry of Health.
  • International students who have passed their 14-day quarantine period or who have developed symptoms within their 14-day period (breaking quarantine to get a test is not encouraged, but assessment centres will not turn symptomatic individuals away).
  • Farm workers
  • Indigenous communities
  • Groups eligible for testing at assessment centres, regardless of their symptoms, may change from time to time. You should confirm your eligibility for a COVID-19 test with your health care provider before seeking testing.

The only exception is if the individual was alerted to a possible exposure by the COVID Alert app. Those individuals must isolate until they receive their test results.

If the results are negative, they are required to self-monitor for 14 days from when they received the alert. If they later become symptomatic within the isolation period, they should be re-tested and are required to self-isolate until they receive their test results.

Examples of who is not eligible for testing:

  • People who require a test for travel purposes.
  • Asymptomatic individuals seeking workplace testing outside of outbreak investigations or government requirements
  • Other members of the family that do not fit the current COVID-19 testing guidance (those without eligible symptoms or who are not a contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case).
  • Asymptomatic close contacts of an individual with symptoms compatible with COVID- 19, unless the individual is confirmed as COVID -19 infected
  • Asymptomatic contacts of case contacts (close contacts of an individual who is a contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, unless the individual is confirmed as COVID-19 infected)
  • Asymptomatic sports team member testing unless referred by public health


When visiting the COVID-19 assessment centre, please follow public health measures, including wearing a face covering and maintain physical distance from people outside your household or social circle.


Do I need an appointment?

  • Yes. Patients can book an appointment by clicking here or calling the ESHC COVID hotline at 519-326-2373 extension 4263. Appointments take place 7 days a week including holidays.
What happens at the assessment centre?
  • When you arrive, we will take your name, assess you for COVID-19 symptoms, and you will be asked to wait in one of two lines (one line is for people with symptoms, and the other is for people without symptoms). We will then call you when it is your turn to be tested.
  • A healthcare worker will swab your nose to obtain a sample to test you for COVID-19. For symptomatic people, a healthcare worker will also check your pulse and your heart rate.
  • You will receive information about getting your test results and what to do if it is positive.
Does this assessment centre test children for COVID-19?
  • Yes. We are equipped to test children for COVID-19.

Where is this centre located?

The centre is located at:

Assessment Centre Erie Shores HealthCare
194 Talbot Street West
Ambulatory Care Entrance
Leamington, Ontario


How do I contact this centre?
Call us at 519-326-2373 extension 4263


What are the hours of operation?
  • We are open Monday through Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm.
Is parking available?
  • Parking is available in our lots off of Fader Ave or along Talbot St.
How do I find out my results?
  • To review your Covid Test Results, please go to the Ministry of Health website. You will be required to enter your OHIP number from your green photo health card. Or you can call the assessment centre after 72 hours for your results at 519-326-2373 ext 4263 for hard copies. Please contact our Health Records Department. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP AT THE ASSESSMENT CENTRE IN PERSON TO ASK FOR RESULTS.
Are there healthcare workers at this assessment centre who speak Spanish/other languages?
  • Yes. There are healthcare workers at this assessment centre who speak Spanish and/or other languages or access interpretation tools.

How else can I connect with this centre?

  • For groups of 10 or more people needing testing, please contact 519-326-2373 ext 4263 to make arrangements.